Island Hoppers

3 reel, single pay-line online slot game

Island Hoppers (named for the small planes used for transporting people and goods between the islands in the Caribbean), is a straightforward online video slot game to play.

Firstly, the player chooses the denomination of coin value they wish to wager. The minimum is 1 cent, the maximum is $10.00. Use the '+' and '-' arrows on either side of the coin amount display to change the bet amount as required.

Second, decide on the number of coins to wager on each bet. The choice is 1, 2 or 3. Use the BET ONE button to move between the three options. As the button is pressed, the total bet amount display will change accordingly as well as the pay-out indicator at the top of the pay-table.

When these two items have been decided, press the SPIN button to start the game. (BET MAX will automatically set the coin bet to 3x the coin value and will also start the reels spinning).

AutoPlay allows for a set number of spins to be preset at the chosen bet amount. Each game will start automatically.

The game pay-table is as follows

Any 3x BAR on the pay-line = 5x coin bet

3x SINGLE BAR on the pay-line = 10x coin bet

3x DOUBLE BAR on the pay-line = 20x coin bet

3x TRIPLE BAR on the pay-line = 50x coin bet

3x PLANE showing anywhere on reels = 75x coin bet

3x SEVEN showing anywhere on reels = 75x coin bet

3x PLANE on the pay-line = 150x coin bet

3x PILOT WINGS on the pay-line = 1,000 coin bet if 1 coin wagered, 1,500x coin bet if 2 coins wagered and 2,000x coin bet if 3 coins wagered.


Bet 1 to 3 coins

Max coin value bet = $10

Max bet $30


See Pay-Table and Rules in game for complete game rules.

RTP - 55.22 %

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