Coral Reef

3 reel, 5 pay-line online slot game. Tropical reef theme

There's a lot more to Coral Reef  than first meets the eye, just like a reel coral reef. Unlike most three-reel slot games, the pay-line is not just across the center of the three reels. On Coral Reef the pay-lines also run diagonally through the center, from left to right, top to bottom providing many more chances for winning combinations of symbols.

To play Coral Reef, decide on the coin value to be wagered using the coin selector button. From $0.01 to $10.00. Then choose the number of coins to wager per spin, from 1-4, using the BET ONE button. Wagering more than one coin at a time increases the winning multiplier, as shown on the pay-table.

(The BET MAX button automatically sets the number of coins played to the maximum number, in this case 4, and also starts the game immediately. AutoPlay allows for up to 500 games to be set to play automatically. AutoPlay can be canceled at any point).

Start the game using the SPIN button.

Any winning combinations are highlighted on the pay-table and win amounts are automatically added to the player's account.

The Coral Reef pay-table is shown below:


Symbol 1 Coin 2 Coins 3 Coins 4 Coins
Any 7 on pay-line 5x 10x 15x 20x
Any Coral Reef on pay-line 10x 20x 30x 40x
3x Single Bar 100x 200x 300x 400x
3x Double Bar 200x 400x 600x 800x
3x Squid 500x 1,000x 1,500x 2,000x
3x 7 Top-Bottom L-R 100x      
3x Coral Reef Top-Bottom L-R 400x      
3x 7 Bottom-Top L-R 1,000x      
3x Coral Reef Bottom-Top L-R 2,000x      


Play 1 to 4 coins

Minimum bet = 1 cent

Maximum bet = $10

Jackpot = 2,000x coin value


See Pay-Table and Rules in game for complete game rules.

RTP - 94.93 %


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