Malt Shop Memories

3 reel, single pay-line online slot game

Malt Shop Memories is a simple, single pay-line online video slot with a 1950s Rock 'n' Roll theme.

To play, decide on the coin denomination to be wagered using the 'PLUS' and 'MINUS' ('+' and '-') symbols on either side of the coin value selector. Bet from $0.01 (1 cent), to a maximum of $10.00.

Then choose the number of coins to wager, 1, 2 or 3. Adding each coin increases the winning multipliers in the pay-table. Use the BET ONE button to incrementally change the number of coins in the bet. Each click of the button adds one coin to the overall wager and the pay-table multipliers will change accordingly to show the potential pay-outs.

BET MAX will automatically set the number of coins in the wager to the maximum allowed (In this case, 3). AutoPlay allows for a set number of spins to be pre-programmed.

To start the game, click the SPIN button

The winning pay-table symbol combinations are shown in the table below:


Symbols Pay-out if Pay-out if Pay-out if
  1 coin played 2 coins played 3 coins played
3x SINGLE BAR 4x 8x 12x
3x DOUBLE BAR 8x 16x 24x
3x TRIPLE BAR 10x 20x 30x
3x ROLLER SKATE 25x 50x 75x
3x PENNANT 50x 100x 150x
3x BURGER 100x 200x 300x
3x MILKSHAKE 500x 1,000x 2,000x


Single MILKSHAKE is WILD in any 3 symbol combination and wins are then x2!

Bet 1 to 3 coins

Max coin value bet = $10


See Pay-Table and Rules in game for complete game rules.

RTP - 93.40 %

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