Triple 10x Wild

Three times ten times wilder than any three reel slot game you've ever seen!

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Triple 10x Wild is a real wolf in sheeps clothing; a traditional looking, three reel slot game with a single pay-line across the center of the reels, housed in a classic brass case with an old fashioned pull handle but it's jam-packed with features that make it one of the most exciting slot games to play. It also really shines on a smaller screen so it's ideal for mobile online casino play.

To play Triple 10x Wild, first decide on the value of the coin to be wagered using the '+' and '-' arrows to either side of the coin selector button below the reels. Choose from $0.01 (1 cent) to $10.00 as the coin values.

The decide whether to wager one, two or three coins per spin. More coins increases the pay-outs. The more you bet, the more you can win. Use the Bet One button to increase the number of coins in the bet.

Once these two items are set, get the game going using the SPIN REELS button.

You can also use the PLAY MAX button to immediately set the number of coins in the bet to three and start the reels in the same action.

Use the AUTO PLAY button to pre-program the game for up to 500 spins. Pick the delay between spins and set a number of different parameters such as win notifications.

Once the reels finish spinning, any wins will be paid automatically into the player account as per the combinations and multipliers shown in the pay-table above the reels

The pay-table for Triple 10x Wild is as follows:


Symbol 1 Coin 2 Coins 3 Coins
Any 1x Strawberry 2x 4x 6x
Any 2x Strawberry 5x 10x 15x
3x Strawberry 8x 16x 24x
3x Bar 10x 20x 30x
3x Cash Stash 15x 30x 45x
3x Bell 25x 50x 75x
3x Seven 50x 100x 150x
Triple 10x Wild 10,000x 20,000x 30,000x


A single 3x Wild symbol in any winning combination pays 3x

Two 3x Wild symbols in any winning combination pays 9x

A single 10x Wild symbol in a winning combination pays 10x

Any 10x Wild + 3x Wild symbol in a winning combination pays 30x

The jackpot is won when 2 3x Wild symbols combine with 1 10x Wild symbol on the pay-line.

This is the Triple 10x Wild, See the table above for the jackpot payout.


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