Ultimate 10x Wild

Three-reel video slot game that includes a must win progressive jackpot, two wild multipliers and double-up gamble feature!

Current Jackpot: $14,191.52

Ultimate 10x Wild is the second in the series of slot games called WILD X that are packed with features and aim to deliver maximum excitement and payback for the player. Ultimate 10x Wild includes nine winning symbol combinations across its single, central pay-line, two wild multipliers and the ever-growing progressive jackpot that must win by $25,000, so keep an eye on this one! Additionally there's a gamble feature allows the player to double-up on any win! It also works wonderfully on a smaller screen so it's ideal for mobile or tablet play.

To start; choose the number of credits to wager using the Credit Up and Credit Down buttons. Play one, two or three credits per game. Each credit played increases the overall pay-out on a winning combination as shown on the pay-table above the reels.

Second, decide on the value of the credits to be played using the Coin Up and Coin Down buttons. Play from as little as 1 cent. maximum coin value is $5.00. Three credits at $5.00 per credit equals a maximum bet of $15.00.

Finally, set the reels in motion using the SPIN REELS button.

(Use the AUTO PLAY button to preset up to 500 games).

Once the reels stop spinning, any winning combinations will be indicated on the pay-table display and win amounts will be automatically added to the account balance shown in the lower left corner of the screen.

Pay-outs on Ultimate 10x Wild are as per the pay-table below:

Symbols 1 Credit 2 Credits 3 Credits
Any single cherry 2x 4x 6x
Any two cherry 5x 10x 15x
Three cherry 8x 16x 24x
Three bars 10x 20x 30x
Three $ symbols 15x 30x 45x
Three bells 25x 50x 75x
Three sevens 50x 100x 150x
Three 3x wild 5,000x 10,000x 15,000x
Any 3x wild + 10x wild 7,500x 15,000x 22,500x
Three 10x wild 10,000x 20,000x 30,000x

Any 1x 3x wild symbol as a part of a winning combination - payout is x3.

Any 2x 3x wild symbol as a part of a winning combination - payout is x9.

Any 1x 10x wild symbol as a part of a winning combination - payout is x10.

Any 2x 10x wild symbol as a part of a winning combination - payout is x100.

The progressive jackpot must be won by $25,000 and is triggered randomly, by any wager, any coin value, any number of credits. The chances of winning the jackpot increase, the higher the total amount wagered.

There is no free play on this game.

RTP: +96.0%

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