Jacks or Better Bonus Poker

Online 5-card draw poker, Jacks or Better with Bonus Poker pay-table. 2-4 hands.

Bonus Poker is a variant of Jacks or Better 5-card draw poker with additional pay-outs for 4 of a kind hands.

Minimum bet - $.50

Maximum bet = $100

Jackpot = $80,000

1x52 card deck per hand, shuffled after each completed hand.

To play Bonus Poker; decide on the number of hands to play at the same time. This game offers the choice of 2, 3 or 4. Use the plus and minus arrows on either side of the selector below the cards on the screen until the desired number of hands is displayed.

Choose the coin value of the bet: Use the plus and minus arrows on either side of the coin amount selector to set the required amount.

Finally, decide on the number of coins to wager on each hand, 1-5. Adding additional coins increases the overall multipliers in the pay-table.

The total bet on each game is the coin value x the number of hands played x the number of coins played per hand.

The total bet amount is displayed in the BET window to the right of the cards.

Start the game with the DEAL button.

The 5 cards on the first hand are displayed. The player can choose to HOLD any of these 5 cards by clicking the HOLD button below each card, or by clicking directly on the face of the card itself.

When a card is held, every card in that position in every other hand being played is then displayed as the same card.

Once the decisions have been made the DRAW button removes the cards that were not held and replaces them with new cards from the shoe. All the other hands are now revealed at this time.

Any winning combinations are displayed.

Player can either COLLECT the winnings (Using the COLLECT button), or try to increase the win amount using the DOUBLE feature.

After any win, the DOUBLE button removes all the cards from the screen and replaces them with 5 new cards. The first card is displayed to the player, the rest remain face down. The player chooses one of the face down cards by clicking on the back of the card. All 4 cards are then revealed.

If the player's choice card is of a higher numeric value than the first card that was displayed then the player's original win amount is doubled.

The player can then choose to COLLECT the revised win amount or attempt to DOUBLE again using the same method.

If the chosen card is of the same numeric value as the first card shown then the result is a PUSH, or tie and the bet is returned to the player.

Finally, if the chosen card is of a lower face value than the first card shown then any accumulated winnings from that game are forfeit.

The Bonus Poker pay-table is shown below:


Hand 1 Coin 2 Coins 3 Coins 4 Coins 5 Coins
Royal Flush 800x 1,600x 2,400x 3,200x 4,000x
Straight Flush 50x 100x 150x 200x 250x
4 Aces 80x 160x 240x 320x 400x
4 of a Kind (2-4) 40x 80x 120x 160x 200x
4 of a Kind (5-K) 25x 50x 75x 100x 125x
Full House 8x 16x 24x 32x 40x
Flush 5x 10x 15x 20x 25x
Straight 4x 8x 12x 16x 20x
3 of a Kind 3x 6x 9x 12x 15x
Two Pair 2x 4x 6x 8x 10x
Jacks or Better 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x


See pay-table in game for pay-outs

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