Video Poker - Joker Poker

Draw 5 card poker, play 2-4 hands per game. Joker is wild.

Joker Poker is a 5 card draw poker game where, in addition to the standard 52 cards in the deck, an additional Joker card is included. The Joker is wild and substitutes for any other card to make a winning poker hand.

To play Joker Poker:

Decide on the number of hands to play in each game. The choice is 2, 3 or 4. Choose by using the Hand selector. The plus and minus buttons on either side of selector increase or decrease the number of active hands in the game.

Choose the coin value to use in the bet. Use the Coin selector button to decide between the following values:






Select the number of coins to play in each game. 1-5. Use the BET ONE button to increase or decrease the number of coins.

The total bet for each game is shown in the BET window.

Start the game using the DEAL button. (BET MAX automatically selects the maximum 5 coins and starts the game).

The game begins with either 2, 3 or 4 sets of 5 cards, face down.

DEAL and the 5 cards in the first hand are revealed.

The player may HOLD any of the 5 revealed cards by clicking on the HOLD button below the relevant card, or by clicking on the face of the card itself.

Winning hands will be held automatically. Player may override a hold by clicking again on the hold button or on the face of the held card.

The objective is to collect the highest winning poker hand possible with the 5 cards.

Any cards that are held will be revealed in the second hand to be played (and third and fourth, if applicable).

Once the hold decision has been made, player uses DRAW to replace any cards not held from the original deal. All hidden cards are now revealed and any winning hands will be indicated.

Player may collect any winnings by using COLLECT or choose to wager winnings on a double-or-nothing game.

To DOUBLE, player uses DOUBLE button after a won game. All cards are removed and replaced by 5 new cards, face down, from the shoe. The first card is revealed. Player then selects one of the remaining 4 face down cards by clicking on the card. All 4 cards are revealed.

If the Player's card is of a higher numeric value than the original face card then the bet is won and the player's original win is doubled.

If the Player's card is of the same numeric value as the original face card then the bet is a push and the original win is returned to the player.

If the Player's card is of a lower numeric value than the original face card then the bet is lost and the wager amount is forfeit.

Player may DOUBLE as many times as they like on wins. Each time the most recent win will be bet in its entirety.

The Joker Poker pay-table is shown here:


Hand 1 Coin 2 Coins 3 Coins 4 Coins 5 Coins
Natural Royal Flush 750x 1,500x 2,250x 3,000x 5,000x
5 of a Kind 200x 400x 600x 800x 1,000x
Joker Royal Flush 100x 200x 300x 400x 500x
Straight Flush 50x 100x 150x 200x 250x
4 of a Kind 17x 34x 51x 68x 85x
Full House 7x 14x 21x 28x 35x
Flush 5x 10x 15x 20x 25x
Straight 3x 6x 9x 12x 15x
3 of a Kind 2x 4x 6x 8x 10x
2 Pair 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x
Kings or Better 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x


Minimum bet - $.50

Maximum bet = $100

Jackpot = $100,000

1x53 card deck per hand, shuffled after each completed hand. Joker is wild

See pay-table in game for pay-outs


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