Pit your wits and skill against thousands of players around the world in all your favorite games at Miami Club Casino! We offer daily, weekly and monthly tournaments featuring slots, video poker and Blackjack games. Click on the Tournaments link in the casino lobby to see which games are currently being offered, make your pick and sign up by clicking the ‘Register’ button.
Our current tournament schedule is listed below:


Daily Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Daily WinnerRocking Robin01-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerTriple Gold02-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerEastern Dragon03-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerCaribbean Gold04-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerRamesses Riches05-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily Winner20,000 Leagues06-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerDragon Master07-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerTriple Triple Gold08-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerRocking Robin09-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerAgent Cash10-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerLiberty 7s11-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerTiki Lounge12-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerWheel of Chance 3 reel13-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerCaribbean Gold14-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerDoctor Love15-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerFunny Moolah16-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerLivin' the Life17-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerCrazy Cherry18-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerCash Grab19-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerLucky Beans20-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerTriple Triple Gold21-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerAmanda Panda22-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerVampire Vixen23-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerWheel of Chance 3 reel24-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerTurkey Time25-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerCaribbean Gold26-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerDouble Gold27-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerMonte Magic28-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerCrazy Cherry29-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerKing Tiger30-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily WinnerCool Bananas31-Jan11:59pm$2.00The Pot
Daily FreerollBlack Magic01-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollDoctor Love02-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollTiki Lounge03-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollMonster Money04-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollDolphin Reef05-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollVampire Vixen06-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollFaeries Forest07-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollFunny Moolah08-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollBeat the Bank09-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollRamesses Riches10-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily Freeroll20,000 Leagues11-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollAmazing 7s12-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollLucky Beans13-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollBirds of Paradise14-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollCity of Gold15-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollDolphin Reef16-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollTiki Lounge17-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollVampire Vixen18-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollCleopatra's Pyramid19-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollAmazing 7s20-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollDoctor Love21-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollCaribbean Gold22-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollFaeries Forest23-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollLucky Beans24-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollRamesses Riches25-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollBeat the Bank26-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollCrazy Cherry27-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollCool Bananas28-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollBirds of Paradise29-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollBlack Magic30-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily FreerollAmazing 7s31-Jan11:59pmFREE$100
Daily KenoKeno01-Jan31-JanFREE$100

Weekly Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Giant Weekly Free RollBirds of Paradise29-Dec04-JanFREE$500
Giant Weekly Free RollDynasty05-Jan11-JanFREE$500
Giant Weekly Free RollCool Bananas12-Jan18-JanFREE$500
Giant Weekly Free RollDolphin Reef19-Jan25-JanFREE$500
Giant Weekly Free RollCity of Gold26-Jan01-FebFREE$500
Royal FlushJacks or Better26-Dec01-Jan$3.00$500
Royal FlushDeuces and Joker02-Jan08-Jan$3.00$500
Royal FlushAces & Faces09-Jan15-Jan$3.00$500
Royal FlushDeuces Wild16-Jan22-Jan$3.00$500
Royal FlushJacks or Better23-Jan29-Jan$3.00$500
Royal FlushJoker Poker30-Jan05-Feb$3.00$500
Blackjack WinnerEuropean06-Jan12-Jan$2.50The Pot
Blackjack WinnerVegas Strip13-Jan19-Jan$2.50The Pot
Blackjack WinnerClassic20-Jan26-Jan$2.50The Pot
Blackjack WinnerAtlantic City27-Jan02-Feb$2.50The Pot
Weekly WinnerDragon Master29-Dec02-Jan$3.00The Pot
Weekly WinnerCherry Blossoms05-Jan09-Jan$3.00The Pot
Weekly WinnerKing Tiger12-Jan16-Jan$3.00The Pot
Weekly Winner20,000 Leagues19-Jan23-Jan$3.00The Pot
Weekly WinnerCash Caboose26-Jan30-Jan$3.00The Pot
Miami Month LongFunky Chicken01-Jan31-Jan$5.00$5,000
Tabby TournamentFat Cat29-Dec07-Jan$5.00$1,000
Big TrainCash Caboose05-Jan15-Jan$5.00$1,500
Flying TigersKing Tiger11-Jan21-Jan$5.00$1,200
Dragon the LineDragon Master19-Jan28-Jan$5.00$1,500
Super BowlDynasty26-Jan05-Feb$5.00$1,000
Fortune 500Amanda Panda01-Jan07-Jan$5.00$500
Fortune 500Cleopatra's Pyramid08-Jan14-Jan$5.00$500
Fortune 500Triple 10X Wild15-Jan21-Jan$5.00$500
Fortune 500Cherry Blossoms22-Jan28-Jan$5.00$500
Fortune 500Fat Cat29-Jan04-Feb$5.00$500
Your entry fee awards you funds to play in the tournament, once you're entered and the game has loaded you will see your funds balance in the left hand corner of the game. You will also see the number of bets you need to make to qualify for the tournament (Usually it's just one) and, once you've made your qualifying bet, you'll also see your ranking, the total number of wagers you've made in the tournament and how long the tournament has to run before it ends.
Once the tournament has completed, if you qualify for a prize, it will be deposited into your casino account automatically within a few minutes of the ending of the event.
Please note that all times associated with tournaments at Miami Club are Eastern time
Tournaments end promptly at the published time. Any hands, spins or bonus features in play at the point at which the tournament ends will not complete and the outcome will not apply to the final result of the event. Only completed hands, spins and bonus features will count towards the final outcome.
Tournament prizes that are paid in cash are paid directly into your Real Account. They can be withdrawn at any time
Tournament prizes that are paid in the form of bonus credits are not subject to any wagering requirements.
Tournament prizes that are claimed by players who have not purchased credits at Miami Club will be regarded as non-deposit bonuses and will be subject to the standard non-deposit bonus terms and conditions
Should you have questions regarding our tournaments, please do not hesitate to contact us